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GRI Course Overview

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RI 501 - Agency in Virginia (Classroom/6 Hours)

Real estate is about relationships and you need to know what Virginia law has to say about your business contacts. This course will provide a detailed guide to real estate licensees on important issues dealing with agency in Virginia. Some topics to be covered in this course include: brokerage relationships, agency disclosure, confidentiality, transactions, and agency in the Code of Ethics. It will engage students in critical thinking activities and encourage group discussion.

CE Approved: 3 Hours Real Estate Agency and 3 Hours Real Estate Related for CE; 3 Hours Virginia Agency Law for PL.

RI 502 - Sales Contracts (Classroom/6 Hours)

Forms and contracts are all the same, right? Think again! You might be able to find, market, and showcase a home, but can you close the deal? This course will provide guidance and tactical skills for writing and presenting a variety of real estate agreements, such as sales contracts, deposits, and title insurance. The course will also cover, in detail, disclosure forms and contingencies associated with the sales contracts. It will give students hands-on experience with the basics of sales contracts along with the best ways to serve and protect their clients.

CE Approved: 6 Hours Real Estate Contracts for CE; 6 Hours Contract Writing for PL

RI 503 - Business Planning (Classroom/6 Hours)

Do you have a plan for a successful business? Attend this course and find out the foundational skills of a successful business. Learn to develop your personal brand, set goals for the future, and identify your market niche. You will also learn how to hire the perfect administrative support and promote a professional image in your marketplace. 

CE Approved: 2 Hours Current Industry Issues/Trends for PL

RI 504 - Working with Buyers (Classroom/6 Hours)

The consumer trends have changed dramatically with the addition of Generation Y in the marketplace. Their buying habits are different and their needs vary from cities to rural communities. With over 68% of first time buyers being a part of Generation Y, do you know how to market to this new buyer group? Take this class to learn the tips and tricks that top Agents use to gain new clients and new sales. You’ll cover categories of active buyers, techniques for lead generation, components of home showing process, and negotiation strategies.

CE Approved: 6 Hours Real Estate Related; 2 Hours Current Industry Issues/Trends for PL

RI 505 - Working with Sellers (Classroom/6 Hours)

Are you struggling to generate listings or are you new to the marketplace? Well, look no further! This class will teach you proven strategies for lead generation for Sellers. It will also give you tips for listing presentations and a “how to” for marketing listings in your local area. Wondering what to do about tricky pricing questions or determining the value of the home? Working with Sellers will provide you with the answers to those questions and more. From connecting and capturing your Seller to honing your excellent communication skills, we’ll cover it all so you’re ready to get back in the game!

CE Approved: 2 Hours Current Industry Issues/Trends for PL

RI 506 - Risk Management (Classroom/6 Hours)

You worked hard for your license and if you want to keep it, then check out this class. We’ll teach you the best way to end up in a lawsuit and also, how to avoid them. In this course, students will get a crash course on risk management, escrow, equal services, environmental concerns, and state and federal regulations such as lead paint and anti-trust. There’s a lot of risk in real estate, so protect yourself and your business with this GRI course.

CE Approved: 6 Hours Legal Update with Flood Content for CE; 3 Hours Risk Management and 3 Hours Escrow Requirements for PL

RI 507 – Ethics and Professional Responsibility (Classroom/6 Hours)

Have you ever wondered what the Code of Ethics is good for? The Code was established for your protection and the success of your profession. Take this course and see why the Code is good for business! You’ll cover the Code of Ethics, case interpretations and fair housing. Case studies will also provide a hands-on opportunity for you to learn how to apply the Code to your business every day.

CE Approved: 4 Hours Ethics and 2 Hours Fair Housing for CE; 3 Hours Ethics and Standards of Conduct for PL and 2 Hours Fair Housing for PL

RI 508 – Real Estate Law and Virginia Regulations (Classroom/8 Hours)

The law is the law, but sometimes it changes. Do you know the new updates from the General Assembly or new regulations for your small business? Take this course and get up-to-date with the most recent Virginia law updates and board regulations. Using case studies, you’ll also receive a better understanding of how the law applies to you; as well as how it can protect the interests of you and your clients.

CE Approved: 8 Hours Legal Updates with Flood Content for CE;  8 Hours Real Estate Law and Board Regulations for PL.

RI 509 – Mastering Real Estate Negotiations (Online/4 Hours)

The ability to effectively negotiate is a learned skill, and today’s Buyers and Sellers recognize skillful negotiations as a major part of the service package that real estate professionals offer clients and customers. The ability to understand and recognize different negotiating styles and strategies results in successful client interactions and closed transactions. This course introduces students to “DISC Behavior Profiling,” training students how to build trust and connect with others, balance emotion and logic, reduce stress, and ultimately achieve a “Win-Win-Win” negotiation.

CE Approved: 4 Hours Real Estate Related for CE; 2 Hours Current Industry Issues/Trends for PL

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RI 510 – Beneath the Surface: Understanding the Anatomy of a House (Online/6 Hours)

Anyone who sells anything understands the importance of product knowledge. Real estate sales should be no different. This course is designed to help real estate professionals better serve their clients and increase their confidence when asked questions regarding the construction of the homes they market. The student will learn about the structure of houses, both new and existing, and focus on how floors, walls, and roofs are built. This course will empower real estate professionals to give accurate generic construction information to their clients without taking on personal liability while recognizing when to defer to the assistance of qualified experts. The course is taught by long time builder and construction educator, Barry Stranz, who will bring house construction into focus with his entertaining and informative presentation.

CE Approved: 6 Hours Real Estate Related for CE; 2 Hours Current Industry Issues/Trends for PL

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