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Video: 2016 New Laws Pt. 3 – Property Management

There were a number of bills amending the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (VRLTA) and other statutory provisions that impact property management and rentals. Topics addressed in these laws include:

  • Court ordered termination of rental agreements;
  • Protective orders in domestic relations cases where the victim is not a tenant or authorized occupant under the lease;
  • Landlord’s obligations to pay the cost of both relocation and remediation when there is mold in the dwelling unit;
  • Updated definition of single-family residences to include condominium units;
  • Confidentiality and copies of tenant records;
  • Landlord’s obligation to repair damages noted on a move-in inspection report when repairs not specifically required by law;
  • Tenant’s obligation to maintain installed carbon monoxide detectors;
  • Landlord’s ability to make repairs and invoice the tenant for deficiencies discovered in a routine inspection; and
  • Landlord’s ability to recover damages, costs and reasonable attorney fees if the tenant refuses access to show the property for sale/lease without reasonable justification.

 For more information on the 2016 New Laws, check out the July Commonwealth magazine article. To learn more, including seeing the actual legislation, visit