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DoD's job and contracting cuts scrutinized

Virtually everyone agrees that reducing joblessness is key to the recovery of Virginia's economy and housing markets. Defense Secretary Robert Gates's recently announced reductions to the Pentagon's budget by dismantling the U.S. Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) in Hampton Roads and cutting spending on defense contracts by 10% annually for the next three years. These spending cuts would cost Virginia thousands of jobs (10,000 in Hampton Roads alone, by some estimates), jeopardizing the Commonwealth's economic recovery.

DEVELOPING: DoD seeks spending cuts in VA

Virginia's economy stands to take a heavy blow if Secretary of Defense Robert Gates's proposal to cut the Pentagon's budget goes ahead as planned.  And there's little recourse for the Commonwealth's political leaders who are obviously concerned about the proposed cuts: Congress doesn't need to approve them.  Here's what's at stake in the Commonwealth.

Obama policies to deemphasize homeownership?

A retreat in government programs and support for homeownership may be imminent according to an article published in the Washington Post on July 21, 2010.  

The administration's narrower view of who should own a home and what the government should to do to support them could have major implications for the economy as well as borrowers. Broadly, the administration may wind down some government backing for home loans, but increase the focus on affordable rentals.


What Realtors need to know about Wall St. reform: August 26 webinar

Although Realtors® are mostly exempt from many of the provisions in the just-signed financial services reform bill, there are still a few things they need to know about. Always helpful and informative, NAR will host a webinar on August 26 to bring you up to speed on the changes.

NAR weighs in on future of GSEs

President Obama is arranging a Conference on the Future of Housing Finance in August 2010, but NAR isn't waiting to represent the Realtor position to federal officials. In comments submitted to the US Treasury Department and HUD, NAR went on record to state that reforms to the secondary mortgage m

Case-Shiller index up, but authors cautious

The Case-Shiller index showed month over month and year over year gains of 1.3% and 4.6% respectively, but the report authors warn that the housing economy isn't out of the woods yet. Much of this improvement could be attributable to the government's now-expired homebuyer tax credit.

"We need to watch where the housing market will go after these temporary stimuli go away," said managing director of the S&P indices David Blitzer. "June's existing and new home sales and housing starts data have not shown real improvement either."


FAQ's on credit and distressed sales from NAR

How long will a short sale stay on my credit report? How many points on the score will I lose if I declare bankruptcy? How long until I can get a government-insured loan if the bank forecloses on my home?

You've probably heard some variation of these questions from your clients. If you've ever been unsure of how to answer, NAR has created two resources to help:

Press conference recording for 2Q home sales report released

An audio recording of today's press conference (right-click to download 7 MB mp3 file) with commentary from some of the state's leading brokers about VAR's second quarter home sales report is now available for download. The brokers in the call are:


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