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Important clarification about license transfers

When a Realtor transfers her license from one brokerage to another, there is a period of time in which she cannot practice real estate (essentially, while the transfer is in progress).

Some members have received incorrect information about when they can resume practicing.

Here is what DPOR says:

Flood insurance premiums increase for some properties

Flood insurance premiums are going to start going up for second homes, and for properties that have had significant flood damage before.

Starting January 1 of this year, flood insurance premiums on second homes (including vacation homes) went up 25 percent. And in June, properties that have seen “severe repetitive loss” from floods will also see insurance rates increase.

That’s because federal subsidies for flood insurance are being reduced for those kinds of properties — part of the National Flood Insurance Program’s reauthorization last year.

Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act - Richmond Association of REALTORS®

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Fri, 05/10/2013 - 09:00 to 16:00

Virginia getting $3.5 million more for housing settlement

Back in 2012, Virginia received about $66 million from the National Mortgage Settlement — the money paid by mortgage lenders for falsifying records, forging signatures, and otherwise ignoring the law so they could foreclose more quickly.

Now Lender Processing Services, which worked with lenders, was also caught breaking the law. As Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told the Chicago Sun-Times:

Fannie and Freddie: Here to stay?

What’s the future of Fannie and Freddie? No one knows. The consensus seems to be that it should have a much smaller role in the secondary mortgage market, and possibly re-privatized. But the specifics… well, that’s anyone’s guess.

One of those guesses: US News & World Report’s Jason Gold argues that “Fannie and Freddie Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon.”


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