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Home Sales

Download the .pdf of these reports under File Attachments below.

Looking for historical home sales data?
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2015 February Home Sales Report.pdf1.23 MB
2015_January_HSR.pdf1.31 MB
2014_Q4_Report.pdf5.15 MB
2014_November_Report.pdf1.14 MB
2014_October_2014.pdf1.15 MB
2014_Q3_Report.pdf4.75 MB
July Report 2014.pdf296.07 KB
2014_Q2_Report4.63 MB
May_Report_2014.pdf468.34 KB
2014_April_Report457.43 KB
2014_Q1_Report4.92 MB
2014_Feb_Report.pdf452.74 KB
2014_January_Report444.74 KB
2013_Pieces of Home-Year End Home Sales Report19.2 MB
2013_Q4_Report4.91 MB
November_2013_Report.pdf432.88 KB
2013_October_Report425.61 KB
Q32013_report.pdf4.37 MB