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Earnest money deposit

Earnest money deposits: the full story

One of the most important duties a REALTOR® has is holding a clients' funds for Earnest Money Deposits. VAR's Blake Hegeman updates viewers on EMDs by covering this info:
    •    Release of EMD funds
    •    Timeliness of releases
    •    Can the absence of an EMD prevent a contract from being ratified?

2011 New Laws Virginia Realtors® Need to Know About

The 2011 Session of the General Assembly, like every other session, produced many changes in Virginia law. Most of these will take effect on July 1, 2011. VAR’s legislative team was able to secure many changes during this year’s General Assembly session that will have a profound effect on your real estate business.


New Laws Virginia Realtors® Need to Know About: 2010

Each year, on the first of July, the various laws passed by the General Assembly and signed by the governor take effect. VAR has had a hand in a number of important pieces of legislation that affect our members — and there are several other laws that, while we didn’t have a hand in them, are the kinds of things Realtors® and brokers are likely to encounter.

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