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Fairfax County School Board adopts $2.2 billion budget

The Fairfax County School Board passed a $2.2 billion spending plan, $35 million less than the current budget. The plan includes nearly $200 million in budget reductions and cost avoidances, including the elimination of 204.3 positions, nearly half of which are from central offices. Spending per pupil decreased by approximately $300 from last year.

Homeowners benefit from a strong school system, and young families looking to buy often seek out homes in "good" school districts.

Danville's economy may be improving

Signs pointing to economic improvement in Danville include an uptick in building permits and retail sales tracking slightly higher than average for Virginia. That's good news for a city burdened by high unemployment -- 14.6% in March.

As the overall economy improves, homeowners can expect house prices to stabilize as more people look to buy homes.

Read more in the Danville News....

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Being a Realtor®….

Arlington plans to update Crystal City

Arlington County will spend about $90 million to improve roads and parks in Crystal City over the next five years, according to budget documents.

Officials are planning improvements such as pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, and a streetcar at Potomac Yard. The funds will come from local, state, and federal sources, and from private contributions.

Homeowners benefit from improved infrastructure, as greater usability and aesthetic appeal raise property values.

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Appomattox school budget cuts jobs, programs

The Appomattox County School Board passed a budget calling for about 7% less spending than last year's budget. Programs cut include adult education, middle school sports, and pre-school classes for 4-year-olds. Twenty positions were cut.

Appomattox Middle School

DAAR Education Day

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Virginia's housing market risk declining according to new report

The risk of a Virginia home losing value over the next two years is dropping as the economy improves, according to the latest PMI Market Risk Index report. The report doesn't discuss how much a home's value could change -- only the likelihood that in two years it will be worth more or less than it is today. The Market Risk Index is historically about 80% accurate.

Researchers calculated the risk using factors such as unemployment rates, housing affordability, and past price appreciation.

Q1 Virginia home sales report released

Our quarterly home sales report for transactions completed between January 1 - March 31, 2010 was released today.  The highlights:

Gov. McDonnell's development deals will create 3,100 jobs for Virginians

In Governor Bob McDonnell's first 100 days in office, Virginia closed more than 50 economic-development deals that together will create 3,100 jobs and generate $360 million in investments in the Commonwealth.

Jobs and community investments are key issues for homeowners. New jobs allow existing homeowners to pay the mortgage and stay in their homes. A strengthening economy also encourages buyers to shop for new homes, possibly driving up prices and holding down the number of days houses stay on the market before being sold.

Read more in the Richmond Times-Dispatch....

Gov. McDonnell to create Housing Policy Advisory Committee

Homeowners and Realtors® will be the beneficiaries of a comprehensive statewide housing policy created by Gov. McDonnell. He is expected to sign an executive order this week outlining the policy objectives. It is the first time Virginia has embarked on creating a statewide executive housing policy.

At a news conference in Richmond this morning, the Governor announced the appointment of a Housing Policy Advisory Committee that will be charged with developing a housing policy for the Commonwealth. The plan is expected to cover housing related issues like homelessness, workforce housing, economic development, healthy neighborhoods, effective coordination of transportation, and environmental issues.